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Biopharmaceutical manufacturing; veterinary drug manufacturing; sanitary materials and medical supplies manufacturing; chemical raw material manufacturing


【Product Name】:Lopinavir
【CAS No.】:192725-17-0


【Product Name】:Ritonavir
【CAS NO.】:155213-67-5

Ritonavir intermediate RIT-X

【Product Name】:
Ritonavir intermediate RIT-X
【CAS NO.】:144164-11-4

Ritonavir intermediate NCT

【Product Name】:
Ritonavir intermediate NCT
【CAS NO.】:144163-97-3

Ritonavir and lopinavir intermediate BDH pure

【CAS NO.】:144163-85-9

As a new biomedical technology company, Xiamen U-FREE Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in the medical research and experimental development; manufacturing of bio-pharmaceuticals; production of veterinary drugs; manufacturing of hygienic materials and medical supplies; manufacturing of APIs of chemical drugs (excluding hazardous chemicals, MCCs and non-pharmaceutical precursor chemicals). Our business model is to provide customized research and development services for customers, or offer global laboratories and related research institutes some custom chemicals researched, developed and produced by our company. With first-class testing equipment and strong technical force, we have been always rooting company's development on the basis of "committed to the development and research of new products and new technologies". Taking GMP standards as the production standard and guided by the international market. Our company does our best to provide quality products and services for customers all around the world.

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